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Robert Taylor, aspiring for Ward 2 North Las Vegas Councilman 2024, envisions leadership centered on Community, Commerce, and Change.

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Public safety:
Enhancing police, fire, and medical services for better outcomes is crucial. While North Las Vegas boasts a commendable law enforcement team, we're operating at around 50% of the national average in police presence per 1000 citizens. Robert "Twixx" Taylor supports S.O.S initiatives but advocates for better promotion and recruitment in our law enforcement sector to address rising crime rates.

Fostering Economic Growth:
The vision extends beyond a term; he aims for substantial change by creating pathways to long-term, high-paying jobs in North Las Vegas. His goal is to establish robust career pipelines and trades, ensuring citizens thrive in a flourishing economy with your support.

Enhancing Healthcare:
Committed to bringing a world-class, culturally sensitive medical center to North Las Vegas, Taylor emphasizes the city's potential for growth. He advocates for top-tier medical facilities supporting trauma care, childbirth, and elderly care, creating establishments that command respect.

Empowering Youth:
Taylor pledges to develop programs addressing youth challenges, fostering academic excellence in community schools. Drawing on his experience as Vice Chair of the S.O.S board and as a parent, he believes in investing in dedicated spaces and mentorship for youths' well-being, with over two decades of mentoring experience.

Combatting Homelessness:
Taylor vows to implement effective programs addressing homelessness, including affordable housing and mental wellness initiatives, through collaboration with partner governments. He pledges to prevent homelessness by promoting available resources through his social media platform and community connections.

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Robert "Twixx" Taylor, a proud native of North Las Vegas, embodies the spirit of community and entrepreneurship. For over two decades, he's been a beacon of empowerment as a serial small business owner, fostering growth through various ventures: from his Barbershop Salon franchise to his Photography Studio, Tattoo shop, Used Clothing store, and the renowned Twixx Ent for professional event promotions.

  Stepping into the realm of politics, Robert Taylor made a bold move by running for North Las Vegas Mayor in 2022, further cementing his dedication to effecting positive change on a larger scale. His journey reflects a life devoted to service, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of building a better community for all.

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At the heart of the  campaign is a steadfast commitment to creating positive change in Ward 2 of North Las Vegas. 

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